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Week of September 23, 2019

On September 26, 2019 - Major step forward in Project Heat the Gites! We may have a central heating system for Christmas! No more relying on just the wood burner. The actual wood pellet boiler will be installed towards the end of November/beginning of December!

Zone 1 Main House - A Circulating Pump has been installed to run the central heating for the Main House.

Zone 2 Upstairs Gites - Is controlled by a Thermostat in the Hallway which switches the secondary pump on and opens a zone valve to circulate the heating system.

Zone 3 Downstairs Room - An Electronic Valve has been fitted to work in exactly the same way as Zone 2.

The system has been filled up and pressurised today, there were a few small leaks which have now been sorted.

The system is now ready for the new boiler to be installed. The system can then be flushed out and filled with the anti-freeze.

It will be connected to a 33KW EcoPellet with 420 hopper and feed system fully installed and commissioned with preconfigured controls for 3 x heating circuits. The boiler will be able to heat the three heating circuits/units separately if required. It has a frost setting for periods when the properties are unoccupied and is wi-fi connected so can be turned on and off remotely.

This is major progress!!! And we haven’t had to replace 20 rads and thermostatic valves all at once... although I expect we will have to spend some time buying period radiators from the brocantes over the next few years!!


On September 29, 2019 - All very exciting... the area meant for the orchard has now been cleared. We now have to order some fruit trees... suggestions welcome!

Till next week!

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