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Welcome to Château de Joli Bois 

Vanessa and Ben

We're Vanessa and Ben and we have a chance to set up a future that will allow us to work together to achieve a fantastic goal: the restoration of a chateau in the beautiful Creuse countryside. It was the first of five properties viewed, but it captured our heart and imagination. Since then, we set out to bring the property back to life. Currently, restoration work is being done on the ballroom, but we are also renovating the chateau's three out buildings and recreating the parklands. From the moment we wake to the moment we close our eyes, our thoughts and hearts are with Château de Joli Bois. Whether it’s the recovery of a fountain or the painting of a ceiling 25 feet in the air, day by day we inch closer to our dream of returning our castle to her rightful place. We are always keen to make new friends and share this experience with people. Chateau de Joli Bois is meant to be shared. So whilst we have the privilege to take care of her, please feel free to come and help us! All skills are considered ... especially cooking!

You can catch Vanessa and Ben on Channel 4's Chateau DIY.

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