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Week of December 26, 2021

On December 28, 2021 - Rainy day at the chateau means wood stacking in our lovely new woodshed!

On December 29, 2021 - Anyone else need to throw a parade for every little thing

When we bought the chateau, we were asked if we wanted it delivered empty or to leave it as is. We were dreaming of rooms filled with vintage wallpaper, treasure troves of photographs and antique furniture. Instead… we have slowly been ridding ourselves of tons and tons of crap. Todays delightful find was in the old laundry. Today we have emptied one entire room filled with mouldy old bedding, an industrial washing machine (ok that’s a treasure if it works) and what we think is a machine to press linens…. The bedding was a horror I would not like to relive again. The demolition has begun!

On December 30, 2021 - The future potager is always on my mind. The hazel was cut back today (Max actually put down Animal Crossing long enough to help me stack it!) and leaves were tidied and wood was chipped (Thanks Paul and Zac!). We are planning this out as we speak. Walnut and chestnut trees are already in place. Berry plants are being grown and nursed by someone who knows how to do that (Thanks Nicky!) We are thinking of raised beds and cold frames against the stone wall. A chicken run and rabbit hutch are already in situ in the back. A concrete base sits nicely in the corner waiting for a greenhouse. A cave awaits transformation into a cold store. But before this begins we have to fix the stone walls which are collapsing, pulling and digging the ivy from the part of the wall that’s standing and level out the plot. It always seems like before you can start a project, 10 more jobs need doing first in order to clear the path. In my head I’m canning fruit. In real life I’m developing patience…

On December 31, 2021 - Last day of the year spent in a place that brings joy to my heart. Happy New Year everyone!

Til next week!

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