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Week of October 3, 2021

On October 4, 2021 - We've had a lovely feature in a local French newspaper called La Montagne.

The article is reserved for subscribers of the magazine, but here are some of the highlights translated into English:

- Smiles on their lips, casual outfits reflecting overflowing sympathy, Ben and Vanessa wander from one building to another. Here, an old infirmary, there, renovated apartments, further on, the castle of Joli Bois erected in the town of Bussiere-Dunoise. - It all started with a show. "It was on Channel 4. You could see the renovations of castles from start to finish, it immediately appealed to me," says Ben, still enthusiastic about a building he already knows so well. - Ben and Vanessa recently moved to Paris because, "It will be much easier to move forward with the work every weekend. Because of Covid, we couldn't come for almost two years. There is some catching up to do. The goal is to finish in ten to twelve years." - First step and not the least: the roof. Then comes the renovation of the interior. "The main room is a bit like a reception hall, it feels like Versailles with its gilding."

On October 6, 2021 - "Here's a little bit of progress we've been making on the wood store!

It's funny, never in my life did I think I'd be documenting progress on a woodshed from a chateau my family and I are renovating in France!

With the show airing and being approached for interviews and so many people interested in following our journey, it's certainly been a surreal-but-lovely couple of weeks!

. . .

Voici un peu de progrès que nous avons fait sur le magasin de bois!

C'est drôle, jamais de ma vie je n'aurais pensé documenter l'avancement d'un bûcher d'un château que ma famille et moi rénovons en France !

Avec la diffusion de l'émission et le fait d'être approché pour des interviews et tant de personnes intéressées à suivre notre voyage, cela a certainement été des semaines surréalistes mais charmantes ! "

Til next week!

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