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Week of May 23, 2021

On May 24, 2021 - Let's talk about our ballroom! The central dome is the primary focus of the ballroom. It’s where your eye is naturally drawn to as you enter the room. It’s my pride and joy now that the painting is complete (and hopefully one day to be revealed in it’s entirety!). But the other elements of the room are important too. We want to make a mark on this room. We want people to feel as though we were true to her bones and DNA. We want to tell people a story that speaks to poetry and art and drama, music and science, humour and tragedy... and love. Always love. What better way then to incorporate the muses into the ceiling.

Flanking the dome are trophy panels. When researching our ultimate inspiration, Versailles, we realised that we could use these as our canvas. The muses will tell our story. Here is an example. Urania and Calliope, the goddesses of classical mythology who bestowed creative inspiration on practitioners in the arts and sciences. And as with everything we bring to CJB, in addition to trying to remain sympathetic to what she was supposed to be, we want to include something that speaks to our family and our time of caring for her. So we’ve included some of our astrological signs (Aries, Taurus and Pisces).

On May 26, 2021 - It’s hard to understand scale from pictures alone. I thought this was a cool way to picture how high the doorway is in the ballroom. It's one of those doorways that is just so impressive. We cannot wait until the ballroom is finished and we're able to throw our first soiree and harken back to her former glory.

On May 28, 2021 - Here are some of the sketches that were used to pounce and transfer the images to the Ballroom ceiling. We’ve kept them even though they have little holes along the outlines. I have no idea what I will do with them. Maybe frame them and use them in a few bedrooms.

Til next week!

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