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Week of May 2, 2021

On May 3, 2021 - This place has always been about entertaining and keeping friends and family close and we are up for the challenge of keeping the tradition alive!

The food is always amazing and we all take turns cooking.

We feel so fortunate that we're able to share this journey with our friends.

. . .

Cet endroit a toujours été dédié à divertir et à garder les amis et la famille proches et nous sommes prêts à relever le défi de maintenir la tradition vivante!

La nourriture est toujours incroyable et nous cuisinons tous à tour de rôle.

Nous nous sentons tellement chanceux de pouvoir partager ce voyage avec nos amis.

On May 5, 2021 - I love this bell. Children love this bell. Grown ups love this bell. It’s an absolute magnet and its peal leaves you giggling as you look around to see if you’ve done something wrong. This bell is incredibly useful. It lets everyone know it’s time to come together to eat!

. . .

J'adore cette cloche. Les enfants adorent cette cloche. Les adultes adorent cette cloche. C’est un aimant absolu et son carillon vous fait rire en regardant autour de vous pour voir si vous avez fait quelque chose de mal. Cette cloche est incroyablement utile. Cela permet à tout le monde de savoir qu’il est temps de se réunir pour manger!

On May 7, 2021 - This is a study in the neglected told by, the wallpaper.

I never show you pictures of the inside of the chateau... other than the ballroom. The main reason is because it’s a sad shadow of what it once was... or could be again. It’s so hard to picture opulence or comfort or luxury when you’re faced with the institutional abyss that it is right now. As you walk around, you need to have vision, the ability to look past the ruin. Sometimes it’s hard to do that. I really do get my energy from others, I feed off their awe and excitement and I’m full when I take people around the grounds or the ballroom. My energy depletes when I look at the disbelief or worry that people feel when they see the ruin... when they look at you and say “you’ve taken on a really big project here.” These rooms often deplete me... but I push past and lean on my vision and my ability to look past the ruin, and surround myself with people who give me energy and think that we can accomplish anything.

Til next week!

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