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Week of March 12, 2018

On March 17, 2018 - Our first significant movement of things to France! We have been living in a warehouse for the last month but it now feels worth it. Our focus is on making the gîte more than habitable. We want it comfortable so when all of you come and stay you aren’t giving us the side eye and frantically searching for a hotel. We have new beds and mattresses, high chairs, stainless steel commercial kitchen counters so we can quickly and economically set up a proper kitchen that can cater for many. We have 3 sofas sourced from eBay and Facebook market place (I’m starting to love bargain hunting). We have a buggy and light fittings and even a big barrel outdoor BBQ kindly donated by friends. I can’t believe how much we are sourcing and how quickly it’s shaping up.

The movers were aces so far!

Ben will meet them on Monday to unload.

Till next week!

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