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Week of June 29, 2020

On June 30, 2020 - Today’s progress... “The man with the club... the head was started yesterday evening. It’s such a nice piece of Impressionism. It came up so quick. You could finish it with a minimal amount of detail. He’s pointing to the devil and his victim.” Peter Stoff

How could there be such a small hole in a copper pipe? And it was spraying everywhere. Thank goodness there is channel for the water to escape.

Ben couldn’t figure out how to get into the crawl space but managed to find a way in via the elevator/lift machine room. There is a purpose built hatch with a waiting ladder. Ben was able to crawl down and fix it. He cut the pipe and fitted a new section with compression fittings. As I emerged from my makeshift office, I was able to hear the tale of how much he’s saved us!


On July 3, 2020 - He paints the ceiling and then cooks us dinner...


On July 4, 2020 - Work continues. The ladies dresses are slightly different greens. The man with the trumpet.... handsome. Tomorrow Peter starts on Bacchus tomorrow. He’s my favourite. I’ll try and work up enough courage to go up again and film.


On July 5, 2020 - Before he took his place at Olympus, Bacchus wandered the world for many years, going as far as India to teach people how to grow vines..... thank God for that

Till next week!

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