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Week of June 18, 2018

On June 23, 2018 - While Max and I are holding down the fort here in London, Ben continues with the DIY! Putting up the pool (6 weeks to heat up!) and demolishing the 2nd shower take priority. He’s also supposed to install the water filter on the kitchen sink, finish putting the doors on the kitchen cabinets, put the splash guard above the cooker and deal with the collapsed ceiling in the garage

I’m still jealous and I’ve just booked a flight to go out in two weeks. There is a need to research the markets... look at that view...

Anyone think there is a market in weird pebble dashed planters that weigh a ton? Some future jobs... clear moss from stone benches and hire a forklift to help put majestic 1000 lb urn back on top of podium.

Till next week!

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