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Week of December 7, 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

On December 7, 2020 - Final touches and we have new guttering draining into water butts! Job done. Thanks Paul. On to the next...

Handrail going up for the gîte. To think this used to be a muddy slope death trap...

It’s not what you know... it’s who you know! Bespoke hand made handrail by man with the right skills and kit... we are so happy Paul. Thank you!

On December 12, 2020 - New doors installed. Almost done with the front of the stable block. I think we have one more door on this side (2 more in the back). We’ve tried to keep the style sympathetic to what was there but improved bits (louvred top section for the boiler room which requires a permanent source of ventilation) where we could.

Til next week!

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