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Week of April 9, 2018

On April 11, 2018 - Our first barter! Good company, some cooking skills, helping us ready two bedrooms in the gîtes and great convo whilst doing some exploring. Thank you

Jane Katyar and Luc (shout out for helping Max with Zelda and bringing in the firewood). Ben is currently scrambling and trying to assemble the beds so they have somewhere to sleep.


On April 14, 2018 - I can’t believe we are headed back to London. It’s been such a great and productive trip out. Ben and Max arrived Monday and I followed on Tuesday. We had guests for the first time! What a treat.

We have accomplished quite a bit. Two more bedrooms have been cleared and cleaned out. Two sets of triple bunks have been assembled. And they are now ready for guests. All in all, I reckon we can accommodate 10 people in gîte #1 (although the shower situation may become untenable- as there is only one— and only one toilet...). Shower #2 (and the second loo) has to become a priority (it literally has hazard tape across the shower because the floor has rotted because of leaks).

The kitchen has become a joy to work in. We have a working fridge and a dishwasher! We only have a little Dualit toaster oven but I was still able to cook and feed 5 (chicken parm- yum). Our cooker will be operating next time, after the electrician has been. Our electrician is famous! He was on an episode of Escape to the Chateau DIY!

We have a washer and dryer now. This has made a huge difference. We no longer have to lug sheets and towels back and forth.

The living room now feels like a living room. We have a tv too. The only disappointment was not getting the internet working. We are trying this LTE broadband thing but we think the antenna is the issue. This will be solved!

Max and I explored the lake. It’s definitely a fishing lake. I don’t think you can swim in it. But it was pretty cool seeing the Chateau from that view point. We met two neighbours— one lovely French woman who kept telling us our French was fine when it wasn’t— just kindness from her. She was charmed by Max’s “Bonjour” (which he said over and over with gusto!). We met a closer neighbour and he’s British! He has two lovely dogs.

It’s getting harder and harder to leave.

Till next week!

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